4 x 4 Page for Vickie Rienhart of B'Muse

To the right is the 4x4 page I made today, using Bmuse products (the wings and the woman). Click on the photo fror more detail. This page will be part of a Healing Book for Vickie Rienhart - owner of Bmuse. Very unfortunately, on January 1st Vickie suffered a ruptured cerebral aneurysm. You can read more about her condition here:
The moderator of Vickie's Bmuse Yahoo Group, Sandee Hyde posted a call for anyone who would like to do something for Vickie. Sandee writes:
" . . . So, I am making a Healingbook for her from anyone who would like to participate. Our love of art goes beyond the groups we belong to and Vickie dedicates her life to this so I know that we all want to do something for her. If you could all make a 4 x 4 piece of art. Include UPLIFTING words of encouragement. Do whatever you do best . . . collage, painting, sewing, etc. I will have it professionally bound for her. I'll hand deliver it as well. Let's have these in my hands no later than January 20th. I have to believe that since she survived this, that the powers that be are not quite ready for her just yet! Let's let her know that we are all thinking about her . . . . sandee."
Later Sandee wrote: "I made a new blog that will be updated everyday with the names of the 4 x 4's I have received for Vickie."
Please check out Sandee's blog for more.