Tiny Gears

. . . I am teaching a private mini art quilt book class right now to the dyehard surfacing group and they were asking me about the small "gears" I had listed on their supply list. I found mine online at artchix studio but they were looking at some interesting watch parts on ebay! Either will make an interesting addition to your fabric page. Here is a scan of a quiltie I made for I swap I hosted in 2005. You can see the tiny gears I mentioned sewn onto the page mostly on the right hand side (click on the photo for a much larger view). The central image is also from artchix - this is actually a paper collage sheet called Women in Art. You can read what one of the participants in my dyehard surfacing class thinks about the class so far and see some of her pages by going to Kate's Quilting Blog. Posted by Picasa