Collage Sold!

This is a collage that I created in 2004 and sold to the co-owner of the Flatbread Company in Canton, CT today. Yesterday I was showing him some pieces I brought in to share with a friend after work. It was then that Brian asked me if he could buy this collage! He liked it so much he wanted to hang it up in his restaurant, wow! I really did not expect this, and so at first I hesitated. Also, I really love this collage and I was not showing it to him for the purpose of selling it! Plus, the photo of the girl on the top left is actually a photo of my mom when she was about 8 or 9 years old! This photo was taken right before she was adopted (the girl on the bottom right is from ARTchix Studio). But in thinking about it overnight, I decided I would love to sell it to the Flatbread restaurant. Brian really likes the quote in the middle of the piece (click on the photo to see it better) so I happily sold it to him today. He can enjoy it, the customers can enjoy it . . . and I can still enjoy looking at it when I am at work!