more Passion!

I started this passion themed book for a RR I'm doing through art-e-zine earlier this month and had pretty much finished the cover. But the book has been hanging around in my studio for a while now while I was thinking about what to do for the inside before sending it off. I started by finishing the cover! I added a bit of trim I had painted for another project (silk scarves) to the edge of the cover and I also added a velvet rose/leaf. I glued these things on with tacky glue for the trim and Goop glue for the leaf/rose. Next, I looked around my studio for texture and passion and gathered up a few things to create a textural, passionate page! I ended up making 2 pages for this RR book because I wanted to try my idea for how I'd like to put all the pages together when the book returns home. I've cut out denim "spines" to use to connect two pages together (see photos below). Later, I will sew through ALL the denim pieces connecting two pages and also through the denim piece on the cover. The participants in the RR will only have to create one page, and I will fix them up - sew them together, when it comes home. See below - click on any photo for more detail:

For texture (my sub theme) I used cordoroy, velvet, a piece of knitting my mother did, transparencies, silk, metal and buttons. On the first page, for my passion theme, I concentrated on passionate kissing with images from ARTChix Studio and Alpha Stamps, follow your heart - and other stamps by the deeelightful Claudia Rose - and I added a scan (a transparency, placed over muslin so it would show better) of my husband & my wedding rings/hands. For page two, I used image transfers and inkjet prints of photos onto fabric that express my love and passion for walking outside. I will wrap this book up in a Priority envelope and mail it to Sara in Tennesee tomorrow, march 31st - wow! Dawn Seller's fabric Book RR has begun! : ) Lenna