Flatbread ART Show

Today Steven & I went to the Flatbread Company in Canton, CT and hung my art show! This was very exciting for me as I have never had this experience before. We managed to get a lot of pieces up and show a wide range of the art I do: painting, fabric art, collage, hand made books, altered books, fabric painting/stamping and even jewelry. I insisted on having 2 pieces in the show that Steven & I did together collaboratively, even though he thought I should concentrate on art that just I had done myself. Well, he finally agreed and it worked out great. I think the show looks fab, and I could not have done this without him!!

On May 18th and May 21st from 7-9pm I will demonstrate some of my techniques live, at Flatbread and create a piece that Flatbread will auction off; donating any funds raised to charity. I am very glad to be involved! Thanks for reading! (click on the pictures for a larger photo)

Note 5/2/07: My art show has been very well received at Flatbread! I have sold a small painting & 4 scarves already. My friend Gunvor from Sweden wrote and said she wished she could see it 'in real life', which gave me an idea! I found close up scans or photos of almost all the art that is in the show, and added it to my 'Flatbread Art' album on my flickr photo account. If you would like to take a close-up tour as well, click here. You can even watch it as a slide show-enjoy!