Demo at Flatbread - 2nd Canvas Collage

5-21-07: This is the canvas collage/mixed-media piece I did for the Monday evening demo at the Flatbread restaurant in Canton CT; part of my Art show there during the month of May. In this canvas I am using both ARTchix studio and Alpha Stamps images. This canvas is pretty wild because of the rubbing alchohol that I dropped on top of my very wet paint when creating a background. I started this piece at home, creating the painted background for it, because it was a larger canvas (16" x 20") and I wanted to get a good start. The demo was from just 7-9pm. I got a lot done that evening, but I still need to work on it a bit before giving to Brian Bienvenue, co-owner of Flatbread in Canton. He will auction one or both pieces I created during my demos and donate the money to charity. This has been a great experience, having my art show at Flatbread! If you would like to see a slideshow of the artshow, close-ups of the pieces in it, and photos from both demos, click here. The newer demo photos are at the end!