Demo at Flatbread Company - 5.18.07

DemoFlatbread009, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I did a demo (a collage on canvas) right in front of my art that's on display at the Flatbread Company in Canton CT last night! As people came in for dinner, a few came over to watch me work and ask questions. Steven accompanied me and we had a lot of fun -- some of our collaborative work is in the art show there (smile). The collage that I did last night, and the collage I will create on Monday night when I demo again, will be donated to Flatbread. The co-owner, Brian Bienvenue, will auction these pieces off for charity. He sponsors a benefit night for non-profit organizations every Tuesday night, with a portion of his flatbread sales going toward the non-profit featured that night. If you are interested in seeing more photos from the demos, just click on the picture above and it will bring you to my flickr photo sharing account.