ARTchix Studio Lottos

Here are 2 of the recent entries I've made for the ARTchix Studio Yahoo Group Bi-Weekly Lottery. The long book mark style entry I created that you see to the right, was for the theme "With this ring". I've sent this to Patricia S. who also participated and won that lotto! The Triptych ATC shown below was for the "Hands" theme and was recently won by Grace D. on June 10th. The winner of the lotto chooses a new theme and gives about 2 weeks for all the yahoo group members to create something small on the theme, using an ARTchix Studio product. The group member then uploads a scan or a photo of their creation to the lotto folder on the group. When the time is up, all the names of the people who created something for the lottery are put into a hat and a new winner is chosen at random! Then everyone who participated sends what they created to the winner. A sweet deal, and a good excuse to create : ) For the book mark, I started with a fabric base. I sewed a paper ARTchix image from the Marry Me sheet and also chose a transparency print of Steven & my hands with our wedding rings to sew on the bookmark; click on the book mark for more detail. I added some batting & backed it with moon & star fabric. I've also used a transparency of our hands in a similar but different way -- for an image transfer on a journal quilt - go there to see. It's quite appropriate that I am posting this today, because on June 11th, 2005 - 2 years ago - Steven Deming & I got married : ))))).

For the Triptych ATC, I got out my Hand punch and had fun with both the negative space it left and the punch outs I could use. I started with a plain white piece of card stock and folded it in thirds. I picked out ARTchix images from two different sheets: Exotic Jewels and Radiant Queens that featured hands in the image. I used some of the punched-out hand shapes as windows to show the face of the woman on the next page . . . . I aged the white card stock with walnut ink and used a little sandpaper to rough the images up a bit more. You can click on any photo for a more detailed look.