My boys (and their women)

I don't usually do a purely personal post . . . but, forgive me. I am thinking of my boys tonight who are grown and now amazingly on their own. My youngest son, Dallas Chandler Foster, is 22 years old (soon to be 23) and my first born son, Decklin Tisdale Foster, is 25 years old (soon to be 26). Here is a photo of Dallas with Liz as they got ready to go to a formal this spring 2007, at Smith college:

And here's Decklin with Christine (in 2007): Both of my boys are out there making their own way and I am so proud of them. Dallas will be moving out of Northampton MA soon; he's been there since he graduated Hampshire College last year. Dallas and Liz will go to Maryland (where her parents are) until they figure out their next step -- Graduate School? (Liz just graduated from Smith this May). In the meantime, Dallas has his own record label he's managing: Leisure Class records -he started this when he was in college. Decklin has been in Somerville, MA since last fall, working at Harvard University in the Nueroscience Lab. I am so happy he has found a good niche for himself as well as finding Christine! Now, I don't think they will see this as they don't follow their mom's art THAT closely, but they already know how proud I am of them!!! xo mom