art-e-zine yahoo: By The Sea!

I participated in the art-e-zine yahoo group's Art Lottery for June (here is my entry) and WON! It is a random drawing . . . anyone who creates a piece of art based on the media & theme (postcards & by the sea) and uploads it to the group has a chance to win!
: ^ ) This was my first time to win & I am thrilled. I should receive 1/2 dozen beautiful postcards in my mailbox soon, all on the theme of 'by the sea'. There were lots of nice Vintage entries, so I look forward to this! As winner I get to choose the NEXT Art Lottery for July and pick a random winner at the end of the month. I have choosen bookmarks and a favorite quote - why don't you join us?

I used a reprint (reduced) of a cover image from LOOK magazine, circa 1964 I think? I used Diva Rubber Stamps (no longer in biz) and other various stamps - with StazOn inks. Then I used watercolor crayons & twinkling H2Os. yum! Steven said, "that looks familar somehow" (the kissing) when I showed it to him, fresh man! Smiles to you, from Lenna.