fabric collage = more ideas, gifts

I took a photo copy on matte photo paper of a section of the large fabric collage I made last week, then used the paper copy to decorate the cover of a blank journal. Even though it is a COPY of my fabric & paper collage- it looks like the real thing because of the matte photo paper! Click on the photo for more detail.

I used YES glue to adhere the paper copy to the plastic-like cover of the journal. You can see that I also added a real peice of the fern tissue paper to the bottom of the collaged copy - it matches the copy of the same image above it. I also added a litte stamping to the cover with StazOn ink (permanent) - also just a couple of stamps to the inside pages. I made this journal for my son Dallas, 22 years old. Dallas and his girlfriend Liz will be leaving the area tomorrow for a stop in Maryland to visit with her parents and store some stuff, and then on to Chicago to set down new roots. Steven and I had a family party for them last night and I wanted to give them each a gift as a going away present.

The inside is very simple - look:

For Liz, I took a felted bag I found at Joggles.com and a copy of my fabric collage that I had copied to a fabric sheet. I cut a rectagular section and used the Ultimate glue to attach it, adding a fiber-like trim to 2 sides. Liz loved it! See the photos below . . . .

Click on the photos for more detail.

A few photos from our party for Dallas & Liz . . . .

My sister, Decklin and Dallas

Here is Liz, her mom Peg, and My dad looking at one of the beautiful canoes he made for us . . .

Me and my mom - isn't she beautiful in the shirt I stamped for her 10 years ago??

My love Steven, with our pup Asia playing tricks again . . .

This is a Bongo Board! Dallas told me I made his night complete by having it out! When I was a little girl we used to balance on this in the basement all the time & my boys did the same growing up. : ))

happy day!

More fun fotos from this party
here - scroll down under the journal quilt : ))