Circle Pages and Moving!

Here is a close up of some of the 21 Circle pages I have created for my own swap. I just could not resist in following through and making pages so I could participate with all the stellar artists in the circle page swap! To see even more pages and follow all the swaps I am hosting, go to my creative swaps blog.
No journal quilt from me this week I am afraid, and I do not know when I will get back to making them. I am very happy I have made 26 of these journal quilties so far this year, and I know that eventually I will get back to making them . . . . but sometimes life takes precedence! We put our home on the market, sold it very quickly and now the buyers are moving the closing up to September 14th -- so we are scrambling to get packed up & move. Yes, we found a place to go to! It should all work out fine, but is just a little crazy right now!!
: )) Lenna