2008 Vintage Image Madness calendar submission!

My friend Casie Metcalf who runs the on-line shop Vintage Image Madness is hosting a collaborative project! Earlier this summer when sending out her monthly shop newsletter, Casie wrote:
"I'd like to announce my first collaborative project on the Vintage Image Madness website! I'm very excited about this idea and hope that you will be too. I'd like to design a 2008 desk calendar using vintage images from my site that will be packaged in the blank CD cases.
In order to participate in this project, you will create one (or more if you so desire) piece of artwork sized 4 x 4 inches square. The backs don't need to be decorated but should contain your name and email address. Each piece chosen for the calendar will be featured and the designer will receive a calendar as a thank you for participating. Do not design a page with any specific month in mind. Please mail your finished piece and signed released to me - please email me for my snail mail addy and an emailed copy of the release. Questions? Please email me at mainemadness@gwi.net ."

Casie wrote to me recently and asked me (begged me?!) if I could submit something as she needed a few more pieces to complete the calendar. I had been busy with moving earlier this summer and had not paid attention to her call. This is what I came up with - all of the images were downloaded at a very reasonable price from Vintage Image Madness.

The piece above was done on a card stock 4x4 square with watercolor crayons adding color and a text stamp for interest. The 2nd piece (blue) was a piece of scrap silk that I had painted with dye-na-flow attached with batting to a 4x4 card. The beauty of images you pay for once & download to print whenever you like was really apparent to me on this piece. I splattered too much metallic ink on the faces of the couple. What to do? I ran upstairs and reprinted the image, cut the couple out and laid it over my "mistake" - another creative recovery for me, thanks to the re-printable nature of these sheets! thanks Casie, I had fun and I hope to see one of these on your 2008 calendar!!!