catching up

One of my Quilties I did in class as an example -
Alpha stamps M is for Magpie image:
I have been quite busy lately between the Mother Goose swap I just sent out, sponsored by Alpha Stamps and 2 different weekends 2 weeks apart where I was teaching an all day long workshop. Phew! Time is simply flying by. We have been in our new home almost 2 months now, although we were a bit afraid ro unpack everything as we have been renting from the owner until he was ready to close. We have had a couple of closing dates come and go since we moved, but it looks like we will finally CLOSE the deal and own our new home, which we absolutely LOVE, as of Tuesday afternoon the 13th of November, 2007.

Steven says this is just a coincidence, but I think it is pretty unusual that we put our 37 Cliff Drive home on the market on August 13th (it sold in 2 days), we moved out of that home and into this one on September 13th, AND we will be closing on our new home here on November 13th!! You might say 13 is our lucky number. We also just figured out we will be having 13 guests for Thanksgiving dinner! : ) pretty amazing.

Last weekend's class: Quilties, was held at Sew Inspired, in Simsbury CT --
Below: Carol van Gerve stitching one of her pages - what a lovely classroom!

Some of carol's wonderful work:

Below: Donna & Rena: We made a mess, got creative & had fun!