Creative ART Swaps!

Jo~Ann Reichert's bag for our swap 11/07
Just in case you didn't know, I host creative art swaps throughout the year. I am crazy enough (or in love with this activity enough) to post ALL the swap art that my participants send in for each swap! I had 2 swaps due recently, one October 26th and one November 15th with about 25 participants in each swap. This has kept me quite busy this fall! The last swap I wrapped up was a 1 for 1 fabric bag swap with an amazing amount of beautiful art produced for this swap (see example left). You can view all of the entries via a cool slide show I created when the swap was complete, or if you want to read more about how the artists created their bags, then follow this link to my swaps blog. The earlier swap due in October was a fabric ATC swap with a Mother Goose Theme, based on images found at Alpha Stamps. Again, the participants really impressed me with their creations! You can view all of the artwork from that swap by visiting this link. I hope you enjoy!
See Susanne Wiebe's Humpty Dumpty ATC for our Mother Gooose swap below!

I have just posted 4 new swaps due in 2008: A Valentines Ornament Swap, Creative Bags, 'Alpha Stamps Tallulah's' Vintage Card/Postcard swap, and a Quilties swap with a Shades of White theme, mmmm! You can read more about the swaps by going here: Scroll down once you are there -the swaps are about 1/2 way full already so if you are interested in joining you'll need to write me and see if there is any space left . . . all details on the swaps blog!

At this time of year with Thanksgiving just passed, those of us in the US are most likely to be remembering what they are thankful for; organizing these swaps is one thing I am very thankful for! I love seeing the swap artwork up close, I love being able to orchestrate these exchanges and inspire people to create, and I love coming up with creative ideas for swaps; it keeps me on my toes. I enjoy that I have the time right now to do this in an organized fashion & that I make it happen. I love hearing from participants how much fun they had creating for the swap or how they loved the swaps they received! So, I want to say thank you to all of those who participate in my swaps. I love keeping in touch with you this way & seeing what you create - thank you!!