Pay it Forward update : )

I have been a bit busy lately and have not let you know yet, that I did receive my 'Pay it Forward' gift from Sandy Babb. Wow! It is a spectacular pop up card, with it's construction being much like the pop-up ATCs she created for my Alpha Stamps mother Goose swap. Thank you so much, Sandy! This little angel card is beautifully stitched on the outside and inside it is a pop-up, with a very sweet message about how I was an angel for hosting the swap.

: ^ ) Sandy won first place prize for her most creative ATCs and was awarded a Mother Goose Tote Bag from Alpha Stamps, who sponsored the swap.

It was during the swap while visiting Sandy's blog that I saw her intriguing challenge. If you signed up on her blog she would send you a small handmade gift, if you in turn posted about the giving challenge on YOUR blog. You would then make and send a small gift to the first three people who signed up on your blog ~ Pay it forward! I was quite busy at the time but wanted to do this none-the-less, so I signed up! My participants just had to wait a bit to have their gifts sent out. Jan, my first volunteer, has received her gift from me and already posted it on her blog - what fun! Maggie in Canada and Eva in Sweden are waiting for their gifts to arrive; they were sent on Tuesday. Eva said "I'm waiting by the mailbox to meet the postmen... so exciting... Eva" hee heee! Thanks Sandy, for this fun idea.