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Earlier this year, just around new year's, I received an invitation from Greta Young of Australia to join a new Arty International yahoo group for mixed media artists to share their art via organized swaps. Greta had participated in some of my swaps in the past and I was looking for the opportunity to be a participant instead of a host, and work with some new artists - and so I happily joined!

I have just finished my first swap pieces for an ATC swap on the group with Greta's theme,"Favourite Thing". We are swapping 9 for 9. I had to think a while and even discuss it with my husband before coming up with what I wanted to do. I finally decided that "art" and making art, mixed media art with fabric, paper & stamping was really my favorite thing, and then off I went.

I started by finding the original fabric & paper collage I had made last summer. Click on the link above to read how I created it. Since making this large fabric/paper collage I had copied it onto both paper and fabric & then used the copies, but I had never used the original. For this swap, I wanted the original for the texture. I cut two long strips off the top & the bottom of the large piece (most of the original piece is still intact) and used matte medium to adhere it to ATC sized cards, made of lightweight card stock. When they were dry, I used rubber stamps with VersaCraft ink to stamp all over each card and spell out my favorite thing. I also used a bit of StazOn ink and Brilliance ink in Gold for the stamping, and some of this was done onto tissue paper and then added to the ATC with more matte medium.

(click on any image for more detail)

When everything was dry I took the cards to my new sewing machine, changed needles to a heavy-duty one (this was thick to sew through) and used a great overcast stitch to finish the edges . . . I am still marveling at this new machine! It's a Brother 60-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machinewow! I love it. I added a bit more stamping until I was satisfied, and then stamped and labeled the backs. They will head off to Australia tomorrow and I look forward to seeing my returns and being part of the Arty International Group. Any questions about it, please contact Greta through her blog -there is a sign-up button there!

See below for a super-size image from my flickr account!!
These ATCs are really only 2.5 x 3.5"!! I've made this ATC into a postage stamp and also put this same design on a Tote bag. Feel free to personalize and order for yourself!

ART1 ATC, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Yes, it's true. I love to create art - it is one of my favourite things!!!