ABR RR - Altered Books Revisited RR

Earlier this week I saw that the Wednesday Stamper site was challenging us to do something with KEYS. That must have been on my mind when I created this altered book page in Linda Bean's Gumshoe Girl themed book, as the stamped keys I used from Acey Ducey were perfect for both! In the ABR RR Linda gave us a challenging theme - at least for me - but when it was all said and done I truly had a blast coming up with ideas!!

I have uploaded a ton of photos of Linda's book to the ABR RR blog, as I was the last person to work in it before sending it home to Linda. The other participants in this RR exchange are: Cynthia Weed, Ann Peterson, Shauna Palmer, Pilar Pollock, myself, & Linda Bean. Please visit the ABR rr blog to view the photos of our books and our pages for each other; I hope you enjoy!