ARTchix Itty Bittys!

Itty Bitty #1 - "2033" . . . Only 25 years from now! (The faux post inside this itty bitty collage is by Lori Guerin).

Here are the six 3"x3" collages I made for an ARTchix Studio swap and collaborative project: Itty Bittys with ARTchix faux postage! You can read all about the new classes and activities Helga, James & the ARTchix gang are planning for 2008 here on the ARTchix website. These activities are for ARTchix Studio yahoo group members only; but it's easy to join. I have been a member since the start of the group in 2001, and although I am sometimes quiet on the yahoo group I am an ardent ARTchix fan : ^)

#2 - "Cindy's Bird": One of my favorites in the bunch is shown here, using Cindy McMath's 'bird' Winter Post (from another ARTchix collaborative project). After reading Sanna Burgess' instructions for creating Itty Bittys I started with Italian watercolor paper and then layered a handmade collage paper I had created myself originally from fabric, tissue paper and paper scraps - then copied. I choose my ARTchix faux postage for each 3x3 square and various German paper borders. I used Golden matte medium to hold everything in place. I let that dry over night, came back the next day and added postage-themed rubber stamps to the mix. I favor VersaCraft ink, which needs to be heat set but is rich & deep.

#3 - "Poste D' Amour": Here I used Cheri Hins' faux postage design plus a section of gold paper mesh and 2 white paper lilies. Around the edge of this Itty Bitty and some of the others, I applied embossing ink and then dipped the edges into a variety of gold and antquity embossing powders - fun! I have not played with embossing for many years.

#4 - "Lenna's Winter": This Itty Bitty used the faux postage that I designed and contributed for the Chixies Winter faux postage sheet. I was very excited to be included and this faux postage remakably is numbered with my Birth Date! Thank you, Helga : ^ )

The litle mini silver star charms can be found HERE! This is a swap, so I thought the "See you in the Mail" stamp would be most appropriate. This is also a collaborative oproject: Helga will choose her favorites to create an ARTchix Itty Bitty Collaborative collage sheet! I figured I should give it a shot.

#5 - "Most Romantic": An Itty Bitty with a yummy faux postage design by Susan Metcalfe, one of my creative swaps participants! This Itty Bitty uses an extreamly cute little silver shoe with a heart that I got from ARTchix studio - I'm not sure if they still carry it, but they have lots of cute shoe charms here.

Lastly is #6 - "Peace" a simple Itty Bitty using another favorite faux post designed by Cindy McMath:

Peace & Seasons Greetings to you, and thanks for reading!
Lenna ~ January, 9th, 2008