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A valentine I made as a sample for Leslie at Alpha Stamps . . . but because she only needed a high-res photo, I get to keep it -- heh heh . . . and since steven LOVED it when he saw it, i warned him he could be seeing it again : ^ )

The image is served up on the card plain and natural as it is; I added nothing to it except a tiny bit of gold metalic marker around the edge of the heart and copying the swirl - click on the card for a closer look and use the "all sizes" button once you get there. This image comes from the Tallulah's Modern Romance cardstock collage sheet that you can find here at Alpha Stamps.

The paper itself with the background swirl is from a large piece of scrapbook paper I found on the Alpha Stamps site. Most of this large sheet of paper is a dark red print, but on one or two of the edges, it has this gorgeous artistic swirl . . . which I loved and luckily I could lead it right down into the heart image that I choose from the Modern Romance sheet. I just layered the red paper on a tall card. It was really so easy! I always like to share my design work with my husband Steven, and when he saw this he just loved it. He'll be seeing this again! xo
-I also used Alpha Stamps valentine images to create some fabric ornaments that I will use for an upcoming swap I am hosting. Please hop over to my creative swaps blog to see them!! Lenna 01-04-07