ValentineHouseCard (back)

_smLennaHouseCard3 (back), originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I love the back of this card, so I decided to show it first! This scan shows off the other side of the 2-sided scrapbook paper I've been using very nicely. This is the same paer I used for Valentine 01 in the post below (the other side) - it's from the "Be Good" Double-sided scrapbook paper set found here at Alpha Stamps:

Yum! Here is the front of the card, below. It's slightly risque . . . so if you are easily offended, don't look!

I have also created more Valentine Ornaments for the swap I am hosting due February 2nd, 2008. If you would like to see them and many more inspiring art pieces, please visit the creative swaps blog!

The rubber stamps are mostly from Alpha Stamps - all the hearts/cherub.

The image is another Tallulah's from Alpha Stamps off the Modern Romance sheet - mmmmmm!