Family: Decklin + Tina visit!

I have been busy with family this weekend as my son Decklin and his girlfriend came down from Cambridge, MA to celebrate my birthday a little early. I will turn 51 on February 21 , and that seems impossible! But then again, the fact that Decklin is now 26 and his younger brother Dallas is now 23, seems amazing too. Dallas would have come too this weekend I am sure, if he still lived on the East Coast, but he is now running his Leisure Class Records from Chicago. We miss you both, Dallas & Liz!

Decklin + Tina visit 1, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

. . . And speaking of family, I have not talked much about this except to a few friends. My dad had to have a pacemaker and a stent for an artery blockage put in last week. He is at his home in Florida now, but is still not doing too well. His heart issues seem under control, but before a very low heart rate and low blood pressure sent him to the hospital last week, he was having very bad back pain. X-rays have shown he has spurs on his spine. My sister and her family are visiting my mom & dad this week and helping out and Steven & I will arrive soon after they leave. My dad will go to a pain management DR. this week for his back, but I still worry about him. If you believe in the power of prayer or positive thinking . . . for my birthday I will ask you to give me the gift of keeping my dad in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you. He is a wonderful man; this is the best I can say, and I hate thinking of him in pain. Having this photo above of Decklin visiting here this weekend, makes me think of another favorite photo of Decklin with his Grandpa Dale in 1982. Decklin has grown up a bit don't you think?? And now he's holding a babe (our kitten star) instead of my dad holding him : )

My mom & dad in 1953:

And below to the right, is a photo of me taken last October, with my Uncle Stan sitting to my right and my dad on my left, celebrating my dad turning 74 and my sister, 47! Plus I've added a photo of my sister & my dad, and one more very favorite happy photo of my parents at my wedding in 2005. Where does the time go? Thank you for reading this personal post, and now I am off to my studio, thinking of my family. I am very blessed. Love, lenna