February 21st, 1957

* happy birthday to me! *

This is one of my favorite photos, taken of my mother and me, when I was just a babe in 1957. Isn't it amazing? I have used this photo in my art before, and you can see an Altered Book page I did in Clarissa Sharp's book for a AB RR we were involved in together in 2002, HERE on my website.

I did a little research on the year 1957 and found out that the average price of a car was only $2,100. A gallon of milk was just $1.00! The average price of a loaf of bread the year I was born was just .19 cents and the average price of a postage stamp in 1957 was .03 cents, wow!

Below right, my mom & I last summer : ^) she's wearing a shirt I stamped!!

February facts and Trivia :
"According to the Georgian calendar, February is the second month of the year, and also the shortest month." February has 28 days until Julius Caesar gave it 29, and 30 days every four years. According to tradition, Augustus, the Roman emperor, took one day off to add one day to August, the month named after him. We now have February with 28 days

"The second day of February is often referred to as Ground Hog's Day." Legend says a ground hog comes out of it's burrow on February 2, to look for it's shadow. If there is sunshine and he sees his shadow, then he goes back to sleep and there will be more winter time. If he doesn't, then the spring time will begin.

The amethyst is the birthstone for February.

The primrose is the flower for the month of February.

The Anglo Saxons called February Sol-monath (cake-month), because cakes were offered to the gods during tht month.

In Scotland it is thought unlucky to be born on a Leap Year's Day which occurs every four years in February.

1957 * Feb 25, Buddy Holly and the Crickets recorded "That'll Be the Day."

1957 * May 10, Sid Vicious, [John Simon Ritchie], bassist (Sex Pistols), was born in England.

1957 * Jun 24, "I Love Lucy," last aired on CBS-TV.

1957 * Sep 22, The TV series "Maverick" premiered on ABC.

1957 * Oct 4, The television series "Leave It to Beaver" premiered on CBS. It ended in 1963.

1957 * Oct 21, The film "Jailhouse Rock" starring Elvis Presley opened.

1957 * Nov 3, The Soviet Union launched into orbit Sputnik Two, the second manmade satellite; a dog on board named Laika, the first animal in space, was sacrificed in the experiment. Sputnik 2 remained in orbit another 162 days before burning up. Safe reentry process had not yet been developed.

1957 * Nov 29, John Coltrane and the Thelonius Monk quartet performed together for a show at Carnegie Hall. Tapes of the performance, recorded by Voice of America, were mislabeled and lost until 2005

1957 * Alexander Calder (1898-1976) made his black standing piece "Seven-Foot Beastie." 1957 * Martin Luther King wrote his autobiography "Stride Toward Freedom."

1957 * MGM closed its cartoon studio in a panic over diminishing audiences due to television. William Hanna and Joe Barbera (1911-2006) formed their own company and began making cartoons for TV.

1957 * Bobby Helms recorded "Jingle Bell Rock."1957 Commercial jet travel began to grow.

1957 * Boxer Middleweight Sugar Ray Robinson lost, won and lost his title.

~ just some fun stuff for my birthday! Now I am off to celebrate with Steven!