HoTpinK + ORaNge ATCs: Colour Groupies

WOW! Here are all my HoTpinK + ORaNge ATCs featuring Alpha Stamps transparency images, for members of the Colour Groupies artist group:
Frieda Oxenham ::: Debby Harriettha ::: Tristan Robin Blakeman ::: Caryl Hoobler and me! Everyone in the group has received my ATCs for this month's exchange, so now I am free to share them with you. The group is designed so the ATCs will be a surprise! No scans can be uploaded until everyone receives. The Colour Groupies group is hosting a colour-combination ATC swap every month in 2008 for it's 5 members. January's colour combo was Black & Gold, February is HoTpinK + OranGe, and next month is Brown + Robin's egg blue . . . . . mmmmm. Some how-to's follow below the scans.

I made this one for Tristan:

And this one for Debby (to the right):

This one I made for Caryl: (below)

This one was made for Frieda: (to the right)

And one for ME! (below)

: ) I made these all similarly, but different with similar trims, buttons, ribbon and fabrics. Each ATC uses a Transparency image from Alpha Stamps layered on top of an off-white tissue paper with bits of music notes embedded into it; except for Caryl's as her image is on top of plain white paper. I sewed the transpareny images to the paper and then glued the transparency-paper sandwich to the fabric front. I glued the rick-rack and buttons on with tacky glue, then added warm & natural cotton batting in the middle, backed each ATC with another piece of hot pink & orange fabric & sewed both pieces together with the batting in the middle.

The images come from 2 wonderful Tallulah's sheets at Alpha Stamps, Paris Showgirls and Kisses. I have a new sewing machine that is computerized, a Brother 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine,which is amazing compared to my last machine - but did not break the bank! You can see how I used these HOT pink + Orange ATCs as a way to check out what the machine could do. Thanks again to my fellow group members - what a blast it is to share art with you on a colour-combo theme!