our latest project . . .

Feb.13-08-Vine+Leaves1, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

When we moved to our new home last fall, we knew we would do some interior painting because we did not like the yellow walls in the living room. We thought a nice off-white or neutral colour would be more soothing. When Steven & I talked about this project, we got an idea to paint the brick on the fireplace hearth too. The previous owners had painted some of the red fireplace bricks black & white (see photo below) and we wanted to change that. What a difference!!

I hand painted the vine and then used Decorator Blocks (thin, flexible foam stamps) to create the leaves. I have about 30 photos of the process up on my flickr account, you can follow this link to see the set of photos - and even view a slide show if you wish. There's info/a tutorial about wall stamping on my website - this starts with a paragraph on permanent inks & rubber stamps, but as you scroll down there is information on foam stamps & decorator blocks.

I am so happy to have finally done this! We talked about it for a while. With just Steven's painting alone, the room was transformed! But adding the hand painting & stamping really makes this home *ours* and adds a great feeling to the room. I practiced on foam board before attempting anything directly on the hearth and remembered that Steven assured me we could paint over anything if I felt it was necessary - it wasn't, as my practice paid off!