ARTchix Itty Bittys Swap

I really love the idea of a collaborative project/swap with a chance to have my artwork published so I signed up for the first one offered by ARTchix Studio -Itty Bittys with ARTchix Faux Postage Swap. It was due January 10th.

This year, Helga at ARTchix Studio has decided to host all the ARTchix swaps and collaborative projects run through her yahoo group by herself, and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. When I got home from visiting my parents this week my returns for the Itty Bitty collage (sized 3" x 3" square) were waiting for me. Beautifully packaged, I recieved 6 Itty Bitty collages swapped back in return for the ones I made, as well as 4 ARTchix Studio image collage sheets created from entries for this swap - wow! Helga also slipped in a small chocolate heart and the whole package was tied up with a special ARTchix ribbon! An extra bonus for me was that I found out that one of my Itty Bittys shown here had been chosen for one of the image sheets (the bottom left sheet in the collection).

There are more swaps and collaborative projects planned and you can read about them here. You must be a member of the ARTchix Studio YahooGroup in order to participate in these swap/projects as announcements will be posted on the yahoo group when artwork is received as well as any updates for the swaps. If you'd like to see all of the Itty Bittys I made for this swap, please jump to my original post. Featured here in this post is the Itty Bitty I created that was published on one of the ARTchix collage sheets. A big thank you to Helga and also to Cindy McMath who designed the Faux postage stamp I used on this Itty Bitty!