Brown & Robin Egg's Blue ATCs: Colour Groupies March Swap

Colour Groupies is a small group of fabric/quilt and mixed media artists that asked me to join them earlier this year. This very small group of 5 members is a lovely place for me to share art, friendship, and receive support.

Today's reports from my mom are that my dad has improved since the weekend, but unfortunately with all of my dad's health problems this winter, I found I've needed to share my feelings at times. These friends are there for me -this is definitely a caring group of artists (thank you) and they are so accomplished as well!

Each month we create one ATC for each artist in the group based on a colour-combination as our theme. January was Black & Gold, and February was Hot Pink & Orange. To see my two previous month's ATCs and learn more about the group, go here to see ALL colour groupies posts, or go directly to the February and January ATCs. For March, we all worked on the color theme of brown and robin's egg blue, mmmmmm! I had a small paper egg in my studio that was just the perfect color - soft blue with brown spots... I wanted to use it to create my ATCs but was not sure how I was going to accomplish it. Then it hit me -- I could take a photo of the egg and use the photo I printed out to create my ATCs : )

Above you will see the original photograph I took of the paper egg surrounded by handmade papers that were functioning in this case as a "nest". I printed this photo out six times, ATC size (2.5" x 3.5"). One copy was for each of the 4 other group members, one was for me (I always like to keep a copy myself) and one was for my friend Carol van Gerve who I was going to visit that week. We were celebrating the first day of Spring and I thought this would be a perfect small gift for her.

I printed the egg photo out onto a piece of matte photo paper first, repeating the image a number of times on one sheet. Looking at this after I printed it I thought it was a little too strong as far as the color, and I wasn't sure I even liked it. I thought about printing the photo on fabric instead and remembered I had a sheet of ExtravOrganza I had never tried printing on before. One of my swap participants, Shannon Sawyer had recently sent in some fabric cards for the Alpha Stamps Tallulah's card swap using ExtravOrganza and we had talked via email about it, so it was on my mind! (thanks, Shannon!) I printed the same images out onto the sheet of ExtavOrganza I had and found it to be really quite sheer, like Shannon had said. Interesting, but I did not know if that was the look I wanted either! As I was sitting there looking at both the paper copies and the ExtravOrganza copies of the egg photo, I decided to lay the sheer fabric copies over the matte photo paper copies . . . and voilà! THAT was a look I liked. I will upload my finished ATCs for the Colour Groupies below -and see what you think:

I used my new sewing machine which I LOVE because of all the lovely stitch options it has: a Brother 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine-and I stitched the sheer ExtravOrganza fabric image directly to the matte photo paper base image (it was exactly the same).

I added bird & nest charms I found at Lost Art Creations and beautiful brown, die cut self-adhesive felt leaves I found at Alpha Stamps! The blue ribbons are from Alpha Stamps as well -try the solid ribbon section there. I finished all the ATCs off with a small amount of light blue Prisma Stardust Glitter by Gick Crafts.

A few close-ups of the brown & blue ATCs I created -

Caryl's ATC:

Tristan's ATC:

Frieda's ATC:

. . . and Debby's ATC : )

: ) Thanks to the group for the challenge and your friendship! Lenna