just a note

(below: me & my dad in 1994 with one of the wooden cedar strip boats he's made- that's my mom in back!)

It has been some time since I posted; I just realized how long when I came here to my own blog tonight. On February 28th, I flew down to Florida to be with my mom & dad earlier than expected. Steven & I were scheduled to visit them for a week in early March, but my dad has had a number of health problems which hospitalized him and led me to be there with them sooner. My dad is still under care at a rehab facility and is awaiting an operation for a tumor on his colon, which is small but cancerous. Too many other things happened to him to go into here on my blog, but my family is hanging in there and we are wishing for my father's speedy recovery. Steven and I will return to CT on Monday, possibly breifly for me. We'll see what my Mom needs and what she wants me to do. I will be back home for at least a week, and if my family needs me, I will go back down to Florida. Amazingly, while down here I have gotten one small bit of artwork done for an International ATC swap I'm in. I will post it upon my return next week!! Thanks to those of you who already had heard of my dad's troubles through the swaps I host and various groups I'm in, and have written emails with love and support; they have been so appreciated.
Thank you.

with love, lenna