Preview Week ::: Collage Mania II to benefit the American Cancer Society

Collage Mania II is open for preview this week!

Collage Mania II organizer and artist, Virginia Spiegel writes - "Preview Week is a great time to browse through the collages, make your shopping list, prepare an e-mail to send me (note: for which collages you want to acquire!) and ask any questions you may have about Collage Mania and how to acquire the artwork."

To the right is one of the collages I have proudly submitted in honor of my father, a cancer survivor, for this fund raising event. It is amazing but true; 100% of the proceeds from Collage Mania II will go to the American Cancer Society. This is all done through Virginia Spiegel's Fiberart for a Cause. Virginia's efforts, combined with the help of artists she has gathered worldwide, have raised over $150,000. for the American Cancer Society since Virginia began Fiberart for a Cause in 2005. Recently, Fiberart for a Cause was recognized as the #2 fundraiser in the nation for the American Cancer Society’s 'Relay For Life' in 2007.

You'll find *BOTH* of the fabric-paper collages I created are on
page 15 of Collage Mania II. You can acquire any of the collages offered there for a donation to the ACS on May 5 & 6, 2008: There is an $80. minimum donation on May 5th, and a $40. minimum donation on May 6th. You'll find 21 pages of wonderful collages from very talented artists to choose from, and all for a great cause. I am definitely going to be shopping there myself!

This week is the time to take a peek and see what you may want to email Virginia about acquiring on May 5th & 6th! Read
HERE about how to choose and select artwork, and then scroll down and have fun looking!