TipTop Journal spread for Caryl Hoobler!

(my pages for Caryl Hoobler below - click on them for more detail)

~ I am in the TipTop Journal exchange with 9 other wonderful artists: Frieda Oxenham , Debby Harriettha, Abby Lazar, Angie Hall Haviland, Caryl Hoobler, Judy Evitts, Paula Dion, Peggy Gato, and Terrie Lightfoot : )

The group's description reads: "We're a group of 10 mixed media artists participating in making journal pages for each other. Every month every artist will make a spread for one other artist and every month every artist will receive one spread from one other artists, till we've all received and made a spread for every artist in the group."

Frieda Oxenham pairs us with a different artist each month and we create a spread of pages for each other on a theme -we all chose a theme at the beginning of the exchange. Because we are all working in the same format/journal, we send just the pages to each other! Each artist can simply add the pages to her own journal, and then take out 2 new blank pages to do the next spread for the next partner. The group has created six spreads out of nine so far, pretty amazing! To see all my pages so far, click here and scroll down as the link will include this page too.

I was early in doing my last set of pages, Peggy's . . . and this time I am a little bit late with Caryl's pages which were due to be sent out by April 15th. Caryl's theme is Masquerade, oh my!!

Caryl wrote: Masquerade! (Venetian Carnevale, Harlequins or Pierrots). Background white & black, masks and costumes as colorful as you like!

Well, I must admit, Masquerade is not my "thing". But that is always good for me because it makes me do a little research, learn about something I do not know a lot about, and it gives me the opportunity to stretch myself creatively . . . . . thanks, Caryl!
I hope you enjoy these pages.

I printed out some of the information I had gathered about Venetian Canivale onto a sheet of ExtravOrganza -you may be able to see the texture if you click on the photos for more detail. First, I covered the journal pages with some handmade white paper that had black & white paper - sheet music - embedded into it. Then I sewed the ExtravOrganza on top of the paper & the journal page.

I found a number of Venetian Carnivale masks and had fun selecting some to adorn Caryl's pages. I also found an image from Alpha Stamps that was just right. This spread is really quite simple, but it felt "right" to me. I liked adding some of the history of "Masquerade" to Caryl's journal. : ))

Last, but not least, Caryl needed an appropriate mask TAG from me to add to the pages!

enjoy! lenna