ATCs for book pages

ATCs for book pages, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I created 8 ATCs for a little book with a fabric cover I made in a small class I taught earlier this month. The images on the 5 ATCs above are from: -always lovely images to work with!
I also created 3 ATCs for this little book using some beautiful Alpha Stamp images, and you can see those ATCs below right: Click on any photo for more detail.

The ATCs become the pages for a sweet little fabric covered book in a class I teach. I provide either an old feedbag or some burlap material to create the cover. Here I added a fabric collage image from (see below) to the front cover of my book. This image is from the 'Sheet Music' collage sheet.

You can also see below how the ATCs become the pages of the book!

We had a very small class in my home studio that was quite enjoyable for everyone. A friend asked if I could teach this to her -even privately was OK, and then another student and friend of mine joined us! Since this was my first time teaching in my new studio, I limited the class size. It took us from 10:30 in the morning till 3:30 in the afternoon to create all 8 ATCs and the book, with of course a break for sustenance and exploring my studio! I find it's always fun to make this ATC book project and because the class was so small I demonstrated & created right along with my students. I got to show the techniques and have fun creating too!