Shiva Paintsticks!

I acquired a set of Shiva Paintsticks many years ago and only used them briefly. I never really explored using them. Recently, my local quilt shop, Sew Inspired was offering a class called "Playing with Paintsticks" and I thought to myself, this would be perfect! I can TAKE a class, learn more about these paints and how to use them on fabric, and PLAY! My instructor Betty was a really good teacher, I had a lot of fun and will definitely be using these more in my fabric art now. Plus I got to shop for fabric! I love the batiks that Sew Inspired carries.

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The book, Paintsticks on Fabric -by Shelly Stokes in linked to your right in the sidebar. This was a requirement for the class and goes over everything we did, and more. I would highly recommend this book if you want to learn the techniques on your own or need a refresher! I used rubbing plates that I had bought previously & had not used yet . . . and I really enjoyed them! You put them under your fabric and either use a stencil brush loaded with the Paintstick paint, OR use the paintstick to color directly on top of your fabric over the rubbing plate.