It's beautiful outside . . . scroll down to see!

This past Saturday, Steven and I took one of my dad's own handmade cedar strip canoes down to the Farmington River in Tarriffville, Connecticut. We took the 2 person Peterborough model he made. That day, there was a gathering of members of the Farmington River Club later in the afternoon. The idea was you could go for a paddle on the river first (most of the members are kayakers) and meet up later to celebrate a birthday. So we opted for the paddle first and I was reminded of just how beautiful the natural world is and how very much I enjoy going out canoeing like this. Steven is an awesome paddler; he's still very strong and quite expert from all his years of kayaking & canoeing. I do keep up pretty well and he tells me I am a very strong paddler. I am glad I can help, using one of my dad's handmade paddles.

We put the canoe in at a little sandy beach in Tarriffville that Steven knew of. After shoving off, we paddled upstream for about 40 minutes. I told Steven I did not want to go too far, our first time out this season, so after we went a wee bit farther to satisfy him, we turned around and really zipped back to our starting point in just about 20-25 minutes! So much faster going downstream, not fighting the current. No matter that we did not spend hours & hours doing this - I loved relaxing surrounded by nature's beauty and simply enjoying big billowy clouds, the green leaves and the many flowering trees we passed. The reflection of all of this in the water really spoke to me, once again.

The dogs really have no quams about going into the boat with us. Often Asia simply lies downs and goes to sleep! We get lots of comments from other paddlers or people enjoying the river because of: A) the beautiful handmade boat and B) our dogs riding along with us! Enjoy this slide show of the day . . . a direct link to the slide show in case it is not showing up here on my blog is here -just click on the title: Canoeing the Farmington River. This will take you to the site where I created it!