Tip Top journals -for Terrie

This is the page spread I did for Terrie Lightfoot through the Tip Top Journal exchange we both belong to. Last summer, Frieda Oxenham and Debby Harriettha invited me, Terrie and 6 other wonderful artists to join them in this exchange. Each month we create a journal spread for a different partner on her chosen theme. Terrie's theme is Medieval, a theme that I am not too familiar with. So what did I do? I started with a search on the web to see what I could come up with for Medieval. I found an intriguing painting of the Tower of Babel and some other Tapestry designs. I gathered the images of the women (on the right side page) from an old issue of ARTitude Zine and found my Stampsmith Medieval Tile rubber stamps.

I do not usually work with a Medieval theme (I even had to learn how to spell it!) so this was a challenge for me, but one that I enjoyed. I started with a Google search to see what might inspire me . . . I love the Tower of Babel that I found! I printed this on a sheet of Sheer ExtravOrganza fabric, but left the backing paper on to give the image more oomph -- ExtravOrganza is very sheer and see-through. I planned where I was ging to place my images and used 3 kinds of Lumiere paint as a background behind them. I used a paintbush to apply Bright Gold first, then Bronze and then a newer light green colour called Citrine to all the edges and wherever there would not be an image. After the paint dried, I used a few Stampsmith Medieval Tile stamps with VersaCraft ink, which I heat set. Some of the stamps were used as a background and 2 stamps were used to make focal pieces. There is a little bit of text in the middle of the left page that you may not be able to read –it is a definition of the Medieval time period. I used beads and gold threads to decorate around the Tower of Babel and I got very messy with the paint . . . Steven was laughing at a brush stroke of gold paint on my upper left arm when he came home! He said I really "got into" my work : ) I love the other pages that have been created for Terries book and my page spread is a bit different; it doesn’t focus on a larger medieval portrait. I love that look but felt it was not something I could do! Instead I needed to gather a lot of smaller related things & work them together with my usual collage style, adding beads, paint, beads etc.

Just today, I found out Terrie had received the page spread I did and she loved it . . . . she wrote to the TipTop Journal Group:

"OMG! I received Lenna's pages today and they are simply DIVINE!!! I love your collaged pages! The beads, the gold thread and the Tower of Babel image is just FAB!"

~ Hooray! I am so very glad to hear that!