white jacket, turns colorful

_whiteJacket, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

This is what the colorful jacket that I shared as part of my previous post titled "Bleu Willow" looked like, when I first started working on it back in June. This jacket project was a very slow process for me! : ^ ) I began with a plain white denim jacket, just screaming for attention. The first thing I did was sew fabric images from the Alpha Stamps Sleeping Beauty #3 sheet onto the jacket in a number of places with a small zig zag stitch. Alpha Stamps is now printing images on fabric that are washable! (heat set them first -instructions included). I left the jacket just like that for a while, not sure where I was going to go next with it. Hmmm, I had some green leaf ribbon left out on my work table from another project, and when I draped it across the jacket I decided it would be a wonderul addition to this project. So I attached the leaf ribbon with FabriTac glue, which can be washed.

Again, I left the jacket for a while (days). I felt it needed some rubber stamp sayings or words. I re-inked my fabric ink pads (VersaCraft), practiced stamping on scraps of denim, and after practicing - simply dived in. It worked out well, phew! The practice helped. I used my heat gun to dry the ink and then thought . . . a plain white jacket was just not going to do it for me!

So I got out spray bottles of watered down paint and Adirondack Color Washes and went to town spraying and adding color to this piece. At first I had a lighter hand with the color, and then after that dried and I looked at it, I went back and added more color, overlapping what I had done before. I like how the colors came out, varying shades of pink, yellow, creamsicle, blue & green.

I finished the jacket by adding color and splatters with a Deco metallic gold glitter fabric pen designed for fabric. I wove a thin gold thread around the length of the leafy trim and I also added iridescent glass spheres from Alpha Stamps! You can see them glowing a bit in the photo below -click on it for more detail.

I finished the project by heat setting the entire jacket with a HOT iron, a few minutes on each area. For a free tutorial on fabric stamping & heat setting, please visit my new website.

You can view more photos of the jacket process HERE.

Thanks for your interest : ) This jacket is now for sale at the Bleu Willow -see the next post for more info!