Art on Wolfe Island

Aug 14, 2008. This is a quick post of photos from our recent time spent on Wolfe island, in Ontario Canada. I created a lot of art while we were there, by the water. There is a bunkhouse with a porch that overlooks the St. Lawrence-great for doing messy work like painting silk scarves! I will add all of the photos to my flickr account before too long. It is so beautiful there . . .

Back in Connecticut, my youngest son Dallas (age 24) is visiting us now for a few days. He leaves the country later this month to do a year long language arts internship at the

International School of Trieste

in northern Italy - wow! He is going with

his longtime girlfriend Liz

-they are such a cute couple, don't you think? This is so very exciting for them. I am glad to have some time with Dallas now. We just spent some time with my older son Decklin & his girlfriend Tina on Wolfe Island, and Dallas should be meeting up with Decklin this weekend for dinner : ) in RI with Liz and Tina.

Below, you'll find some of my wolfe island art . . . . more description/how-to will come later . . . the scarf featured on the line has wolfe island grasses printed on it -- I love doing this and I do teach much of what you see here in my 'fabric stamping & painting' workshop -

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