Collage class at my studio

Isn't this a great photo? It makes me happy just to look at it!
This shows Cheryl, Brenda and Robin after they finished taking a collage class with me at my home studio last week. Cheryl's uncle is Frank Federico, a renowned water color artist that I took class with in 2007. When I was his student, he asked me about my art. I shared some of my work with him, gave him my website address and he in turn recommended me to his niece Cheryl - so very cool! This summer we were able to plan a class.

I have added just a few more photos from this class to my PictureTrail (click on the link to view) ~kind of resurrecting it for this occasion! I always enjoy sharing class photos on that site . . . and I'll be teaching this same class in my studio again next month to a group of 4 different students. I can use the new album on my PictureTrail for those class photos too. Personally, I always think it's so inspiring to see how my students approach the same task in so many different ways -- one of the best things about being in a class! I know that they had fun last week and learned too, because they told me!
Thanks Cheryl, Brenda & Robin!