Alpha Stamps Lotto

The Alpha Stamps yahoo group has a fun lotto-rama where if you make an ATC for the current lotto, you get a chance to win all the ATCs that are entered by means of a random drawing. Here is my entry for the August/September Lotto with a theme of "unique"~
I started with a watercolour card sized for an ATC - 2.5" x 3.5" - then added an image from the Alpha Stamps Pierrot #3 sheet -I think those images are really unique and different, and I like them. To make the ATC different, I plucked some embossed ivy leaves that have writing on most of them (I think that's why I bought them, they are so unusual!) I tried to place the leaves in a way that would make this ATC look different (unique) . . . . I added a bit of watered down metallic green Lumiere, a piece of ribbon I had around, some leaf ribbon too, and finished it off with my favorite iridescent glass spheres from Alpha Stamps too. They look like water bubbles . . . It is not a requirement to use Alpha Stamps products for this lotto, I just wanted to! It was a fun project.