Shades of Sunshine Quiltie swap

I participated in my own swap ~the "shades of sunshine" quiltie swap (4 quilties, sized 6" x 6" ) hosted through my very own creative swaps blog! The deadline for this swap was this past weekend and all swaps had to be in my hands by 9/20/08. I squeaked my entries in just in time : ^ )

I am sorting out the swapping part now and forsee sending these beautiful swapped quilties from all over the world home to their new owners later this week -always the exciting part! There is another quiltie swap going on currently on creative swaps due 11/29/08 with a theme of ~shades of the forest. We are really enjoying working on these color themes. Sign-ups take place on the creative swaps blog with PayPal payment in advance for shipping & handling.

To make my set of 5 quilties (1 extra for me to keep) I started with some very vibrant sunshine-y fabric I picked up at my local quilt shop as soon as I had the color wave set for this swap. There is a different bright orange daisy fabric on the back. I sewed paper images from ARTchix Studio's Pretty Bird Sheet on first, working with just the top fabric. Then I added a decorative leaf stitch in various patterns and differently on each quiltie. If you click on the scan above you will be taken to more photos of the 5 different quilties. I added sentences from the Her Words sheet (ARTchix) by gluing them in place with tacky glue - I love this sheet!

Still working with one piece of fabric, the top piece, I sewed on a variety of beads, a little differently on each quiltie. Then I added batting to the middle, added the back fabric and sewed the front & back fabrics together with a simple zig zag stitch in yellow, keeping the edges raw. I used glue again to attach gold sequin trim, yellow eyelet trim and various ribbons & trims. I finished the piece by threading a number of larger yellow & rosy pink beads onto a piece of waxed linen and attaching the string of beads to the quiltie by sewing it in place and letting it dangle.

The colours of this swap were calling me to work with them and I certainly enjoyed this creative exercise!