ATCs for Colour Groupies

Colour Groupies is a small group of friends who exchange ATCs on a color-combo theme. Our September color combo was Black & Beige and the October ATC combo was yellow and purple. I sent mine out together this time, a few weeks ago at the cusp of the two months . . . . and amazingly, while visiting my parents I had a minute to finally upload these ATCs! My husband Steven has thoughtfully set me up with remote access to my computer at home while I am traveling, one of the many benefits of being married to a computer technician extraordinaire - xo! thank you steven and I hope those of you reading enjoy these little works of color combo art.

Thanks to the members of the Colour Groupies: Frieda Oxenham ::: Debby Harriettha ::: Tristan Robin Blakeman ::: and Caryl Hoobler - for sharing these ATC color-combo challenges with me. November's combo is Orange & Red and I so look forward to it! Click on the Colour Groupies link at the end of this post to see more : )