Wedding Wishes & love

I am in Florida right now with my parents. They have gone to bed and I find I am thinking of the wedding steven and I attended yesterday before I traveled here. Steven's cousin once removed ~ Anna, married Bryan, on what was the 4-year anniversary of calling up my old friend Steven Deming, just to talk, a month or so after my ex-husband John had left me. Well . . . little did Steven and I know how much we had in common, what good friends we still were, and how in love we would fall with each other in such a short amount of time. wow. After having a lovely time at Anna & Bryan's wedding, Steven & I came home and read through some of the many, many emails we wrote to each other, starting on October 25th, 2004. We had a grand celebration of love all around!

I painted this 6"x 6" wooden panel for Anna & Bryan in celebration of their marriage. I don't think I have ever worked on a wood panel before, but I enjoyed it and I will do this again. I used acrylic paints for this, mostly Lumiere. I started with the heart first, freehand, and then sponged and painted 2 colors of Lumiere Gold and Pearl White around the heart. I layered the sponging of the paints so it came out very textural and almost lace-like. I finished the background off by masking the heart with post-it notes and spritzing the paint with a little bit of walnut ink to age it. When everything was dry I used VersaCraft ink to stamp the word love, and heat set everything with a heat gun.

I used a small stamp on the inside back of the panel, and hand wrote the newly married couple's names and their wedding date. After being part of their wonderful ceremony yesterday, I know they will cherish it. Love was spoken of many times with great feeling, during the ceremony and after.

Speaking of love, I feel very lucky to be here now, to receive my parents love, as well as give them my love and support. My dad has had an extremely rough year this past year, and while he looks much, much better to me, there are still more treatments he has to go through to fight his battle with cancer. Tuesday, mom & I will go with him for another consultation with the doctor. We will listen and learn, and then do what we know best how to do; surround my dad, an awesome man who loves his family dearly, with our love.