ARTchix Weekly Challenge 3/24/09

Weekly Art Challenge: Get Inspired by Art in Your Home!
Helga, the owner of ARTchix Studio wrote on her blog:
For this week, look around your home and find a piece of artwork that inspires you. How to play in this art challenge: Take a photo of a piece of artwork in your home that inspires you. Then make a collage or anything you'd like that is inspired by this piece. Be sure to include a photo of your art inspiration along with the art that you create. Scan and post it to your blog and the leave a comment on this post. Deadline: Tuesday morning, March 24, 2009. Prize: I will pick my favorite from those entered in this challenge...and the winner will receive a fun goodie bag. I will announce the winner on Wed, March 25.

I almost forgot to say! I was one of the winners that Helga chose for the 3/18/09 weekly challenge with my 'She Rocks' altered ART Blast playing card- how cool is that?

To the right is the piece of art I found in my home that has inspired me . . . it is a sculpture done by my husband's father, Ed Deming. When Steven and I were first falling in love in 2004, he brought this sculpture over to my house to show me and never took it back home. It stayed with me, even when Steven went back to his condo. I was impressed with the facts that #1, Steven left it with me, and #2, it is titled "Modern Dance". I studied modern dance for many years, most of my life in fact, and found it serendipitous this was the piece Steven brought over as he did not know that at the time. The same sculpture, at a different angle below-if you click on it you can see the title on the base. Plus, a photo of Steven's dad sculpting a different piece, below. Steven took this photo. His dad died in 1986.

I wanted to convey the feeling this sculpture gives me when I look at it. I am not skilled at drawing, but that was what I thought would work for this, so I practiced . . .

1st try . . .

I was getting where I wanted so I jumped in and tried for the same thing on a canvas panel, and got pretty close --

-My final painting inspired by Dr. Edward Deming's sculpture, Modern Dance.

I was not really sure how "passable" this piece I did was, but Steven whole heartedly disagreed with me! He said he could really feel the movement in my painting and he loved the bold brush strokes of the figure (I wondered myself if they looked child-like?!).

Usually I would paint a background first & then the main images would come next. This time I did the figure first with a broad tip Chart Pack permanent marker, and then practiced what I am currently teaching, background paint techniques with acrylic paint on canvas. I used rubbing alcohol and walnut ink and a heat gun to get these effects with Dye-Na-Flow paint because it is already thin & watery -what I needed to work with the rubbing alcohol. It was a freeing, fun experience to let myself go and try to do something I did not think I could do. Thanks again for the challenge, Helga!!!

"Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion."
- Martha Graham