blue & green colour combo ATCs

My green & blue ATCs for the month of March!

I recently got into doing a lot of hand sewing and even some beading for the monthly color-combo ATCs I do for the Colour Groupies . . . Here is this month's results. I sewed paper images from the Green World Collage sheet (ARTchix Studio) and a faux post sheet (also ARTchix), did some embroidery, beading and a few stitches . . .
I almost forgot to mention -- the beautiful little clear blue trumpet and flat blue flower beads are from Alpha Stamps - check them out by following that link -they are very cool! Most of this I did while traveling or back home, waiting for appointments. It is an interesting way to strike up a conversation with someone on a plane!
The most common question I got was, "What are you making??" : )

But probably my favorite part, is to make or decorate envelopes for my friends before I send off my ATCs to them. I try to keep to the monthly colour combo and it is just a fun, creative challenge for me to do this for them if I can. I hear that Frieda's postie in Scotland is even admiring the envelopes!! : )) Click on any photo for more detail.

Peach and creame are the colours for April, so I am going to go gather some items quick before we leave to visit my parents for a week in Florida. I am sure to be able to have some fun with this while traveling : ) (note on 3/27 - I am already working on them!)

The back of these ATCs were not fabric, but watercolor paper to which I added blue & green water color crayons!

I hope you enjoy!