Time with my parents : )

I have had a very relaxing time with my parents these past few days I've spent with them in warm & sunny Bradenton, Florida . I arrived on Friday, and I leave tomorrow morning, May 12th. My dad is doing very well considering everything he's been through - and my mom too! Dad has been in remission from Liver cancer for some time now, and today he is having an angiogram. This is in preparation for another direct radiation treatment on the other lobe of his liver. He has already been through the whole process once before, but there are two lobes of his liver that need to be treated. He is seeing great results, and he is also quite a fighter.

Dad and I went out with a friend of my parents who is a Real Estate Broker this morning and we looked at 2 house possibilities for Steven & I, when we move here. I hope that one of these homes may still be available when we are ready to buy, because they would work for us. We also got a tour of a neighborhood near my parents that I was not familiar with. All good stuff! Our home in Connecticut goes on the market on Wednesday. I have not been posting a lot here because I have been otherwise occupied so much with cleaning and clearing out in preparation for selling, phew! I want our home to look it's best. I did create a few little things while relaxing here with mom & dad this weekend and I will share them with you later this week ~ take care till then!