playing with paint and fabric

Above is a scan of what I worked on in my 'water media' class with Frank Federico this week. Click on it for more detail. Instead of working on landscapes this week, we worked abstractly -- much more my forte! We started by penciling in our name or our initials and tried to work with complimentary colors, something Frank excels at and is trying to teach us. I turned the letters of my name into very round shapes and went from there. The scan does not show the whole thing, so here is a photo:
I am not sure what I will do with it from here but I sure had fun getting this far. It is unusual for me to paint or create without a specific purpose - like for a submission, or for a deadline for an art swap or an exchange. It is different for me to just create for myself and also without a specific theme! This is a good thing I think . . . .

Some other creating I did today was for the generosity project (or meme) that I announced a few weeks ago. You can read the original post here. I decided to make art for the 8 lovely people who replied to my post . . . . and I sent out 3 of the pieces today. Each of them is different, and each made with the recipient in mind. As they arrive and they let me know (it's a surprise!) I will post photos of what I made and discuss the pieces here. Doing this project was also a very good way for me to spend time today! With the busy-ness of getting our home ready to sell and on the market, I had to cut back on my art time, a lot. Making and sending these things for those who replied was invigorating for me.

Lastly, I created a fabric card for my local friend Carol Van Gerve, who is always sending me delicious and creative cards and who also had Steven & I over to visit with her & her hubby and enjoy yummy peach pie in her garden last Sunday - what a treat! Click on any of the scans below for more detail. Here is the envelope & front of the card:

The inside of the card is made from a piece of fabric that I tried "shaving cream marbling" on, during a class Carol & I took together earlier this spring. It still smells good! : ) Below shows the front and the back, spread out.

All images in Carol's fabric card are from ARTchix Studio. Enjoy the day!