AB 2009 :: Words with Color

~This is the cover of my own altered book for a RR exchange that begins in September. I will be sending it around Round Robin style for 12 other artists to work in: Sallie Rodman, Barb Malty, Barbara DeLisle, Bonnie Ashurst, Buffy Izzo, Christy Laudig, Gigi Lorenc-Gibson, Joy Meadows, Lisa Robinson, Peggy Gatto, Renee Stockfleth, and Susan Cervantez- wow! I was asked earlier this month if I would like to join in the 2nd round of this AB group and I said, 'Yes!" I believe everyone involved in this exchange met on the artchix studio yahoo group. Thanks to Sallie Rodman for hosting!

I took the opportunity of my ample free time while on vacation on Wolfe Island to work on my altered book pages and cover. I wanted to complete this project early, as things are up in the air with our home being on the market. This way, if I get busy packing (our fingers are crossed!) this project is complete and ready to send.

I painted the cover with white acrylic paint in order to cover the original photo. This is a Cookbook - Pillsbury's Creative Cooking! The theme for my book is "words" with the additional theme and use of a color combination. I have so been enjoying the Colour Groupies color combinations that I wanted to extend that theme to this book and see what combinations the participants would come up with.

I used sections of ripped lime green and gold mulberry paper (my color combo) to add color to the plain white cover. I also rubber stamped the title and added other fun stamps with both VersaCraft and StazOn inks (permanent). I had grabbed a bag of magnetic words meant for your refrigerator (where these used to be!) and choose some words to fit my theme and book. The words I picked read: With Open Mind We Make Our Way ~cool! I added them to the cover with E6000 glue.

Below, my intro and sign in page . . . I typed the important info up and then printed it out & affixed it inside the cover -click for more detail. I had fun adding a lot of lines and squiggles with various pens.

The first few pages are below - click on them for more detail . . .

On the "contents" page I listed the participants and kept with my lime green/gold color combo. I also had fun with some fish stamps made by Fred Mullett that have been in my collection for years! I added one of my favorite quotes, top right . . . .

I left one of the recipes to show, along with not obscuring the words on this page below by using a light wash of paint. I love those gyotaku (art of fish printing) stamps by Fred Mullett.

The last page shown below is entirely fabric and was glued directly to a paper page after doing the sewing, painting, gluing of paper, and beading on the piece of fabric separately. I sewed a fabric image from ARTchix Studio to the fabric base and added beads. Hmmm, ARTchix Studio does not sell fabric collage sheet images these days . . . so, I copied a transparency sheet collage image of theirs onto a piece of plain fabric with my color copier. Instructions for this are available on the ARTchix website -part of one my free classes: Transferring ARTchix images to fabric!

It is so delightful to work on an altered book again! I really look forward to this upcoming Round Robin. We will keep our work for each recipient secret until the books return home to their owners . . . so I may only show tiny cropped portions of my work, or nothing at all while this is in process. In a year (or less) I can share my book with everyone's work and all my pages in their books - enjoy! Lenna Young Andrews, July 27, 2009