Farfel & Star have a new home

When Steven and I decided to sell our home here in CT so we could move to Florida near my parents, we sadly knew that we would not be able to take our two cats Star & Farfel with us. For one thing, we are simplifying our life and downsizing for this upcoming move, and for another -my mother is highly allergic to cat fur. So, after we made our decision, I contacted Mary's Kitty Korner in Granby, CT. This is the shelter where we adopted Star & Farfel from as kittens about 2 years ago. I worked with Lisa who had helped us before and we set up an ad through their listing on Petfinder.com. It took about two months, but we were lucky to find a wonderful new adoptive "mom" for our beautiful and sweet boys . . .

The exchange took place last Thursday at Mary's Kitty Korner, and I received an email from their new mom today! "The boys are doing well. They spent their first day sniffing everything. Star hid behind the TV and I couldn't find him any where and worried that he snuck outside (which would have been odd, nonetheless), but then I found him. They both spend time together under my bed or on my bed now when I'm not home. Otherwise, they have been playing with their new toys and seem to be having fun. They follow each other everywhere, so I can see why they needed to be adopted together! They are really sweet. Enjoy Canada! " Cheryl (we leave for vacation in a week's time)

I was so happy to receive this news and very glad they are both adjusting as I thought they would, and doing well. It is strange to not have them around, but there are benefits too -only 2 animals to feed now - instead of 4, etc! And, this was a necessary step for us. I feel blessed that Star & Farfel did not have to spend any time in a cage waiting for someone to adopt them, and instead they went from one loving home to another. We are all very lucky!