My last "generous project" in the series

Wow, when I decided to copy the "generous project" from Patti Digh and offer anyone who responded to my original post the chance to receive something handmade by me . . . I really had no idea how doing this project was going to be so good for me! In preparation for putting our home up for sale and on the market this spring, we cleaned, tossed, had two huge tag sales, did more cleaning and got a dumpster- did more tossing all in an effort to simplify things for our big move from CT to FL, whenever this happens -soon we hope! For a good part of April and May 2009, my attention was everywhere else besides creating art! So, I must say thank you to all those of you who responded to that post, gave me your contact info and allowed me to stretch myself and create without a suggested theme! I had to think about what you might like, jump in and create, and it has been simply awesome. To see everything I created for this project, please click on this link/tag. This same post will be right at the top and then the others will follow.

Here is what I made for Vickie Trancho, who is one of my longtime creative swap participants that I know loves images from the company Alpha Stamps, where all the images in the project below are from! I created a type of accordion book/card for her. Click on any image for more detail. After the photos, there is more info on how I made this.

To make this for Vickie, I took a multiple accordion style black card I had on hand and made it fold into just 3 sections. I took my Alpha Stamps fabric sheet images from The Ball 1, English Rose, and Over the Garden Wall and my paper collage image from Tall Castles, and ran them through my xyron machine to make each of them into a sticker. I affixed them to the card where I wanted them so they would tell a story. Then I got out my rubber stamps and a Brilliance ink pad in Galaxy Gold. This showed up nicely on the black cardstock. I used a hatch-mark stamp by Magenta and a very old stamp (origin unknown) of a leafy vine. Steven thought the paper came already done like this! I used my 14K gold marker around the edges of the images and I also splattered a bit of the ink on the card. Then I added a bit of gold ribbon, gluing it in place with E-6000 glue, for a tie closure. The velvet leaves on the front are also from Alpha Stamps, and truly are there for a "creative recovery" from a small stamping error! They look good anyway, so . . . . . I am smiling! I imagine that Vickie has received this by now, or she will soon, and I hope she enjoys it!!! lenna
p.s. On July 13th I received a sweet email from Vickie:

Hi Lenna,
I just picked up last week's mail from the Post Office. What a wonderful surprise! You know I love fairytales!
Thank you so much. You are a very special person with a grand, loving heart. Have a good summer!

Much love to you and yours,
xo, Vickie