paper/fabric quilt square for patti digh

We are back home after 12 lovely days on Wolfe Island and I am busy sorting though and resizing my photos. We took so many pictures, plus I created a lot of art while there. It is hard to know where to start! As always my best course of action is to dive in and start somewhere . . .
like right here! Before we left for Canada I saw this post on Patti Digh's blog: All I want for my birthday is a paper quilt. This certainly appealed to me and I made sure I printed out the specs:
Let's make a paper quilt, you and I. Get a 4x6-inch index card, or cut a piece of card stock paper that size, and make a wee piece of art on it for me. Whatever you'd like. Play! Perhaps in response to 37days or Life is a Verb, a message to me or to the universe, whatever makes you happy . . . A collage, a painting, a puzzle, fabric, a poem, a photograph, anything!

I copied the mailing address too and brought it along with me, just in case. All 4x6 pieces for a paper quit commemorating Patti Digh's 50th birthday are due to her by August 10th. Jump on this project, if you have the chance! Here's what I created-click for more detail:

I took fabric I hand painted while on the island, cut a piece of watercolor paper 4"x 6" and glued the same size swatch of fabric on top with a light coat of tacky glue. I cut the fabric a little bigger than the paper so I could fringe the edges. Then I took a favorite mantra from Patti's Book, Life is a verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally. I hand wrote this quote onto my fabric with a bright green gel pen and hand drew the stitches on. Simple, but meaningful to me and I think it will be meaningful to Patti too. I finished the piece by signing the back as requested and doing a bit of Mail Art for Patti on the envelope to brighten up her birthday mailbox. I have enjoyed her book and her blog and wanted to give something back! : ) lenna young andrews July 26th, 2009