stars they rise and fade

Click on any photo, and you'll see a larger photo with more detail . . . Here's a close-up of one section of this canvas I painted and collaged for a friend:
This collage on a canvas board is a good example of the background techniques I teach in my collage on canvas workshop. If you've taken the class with me, I am sure you recognize the rubbing alcohol, salt and baking soda on this piece. It is so interesting that I had two students sign up for this online course this same week . . . . I will be away on vacation for the next two weeks, but would be happy to coach you through the collage on canvas lessons after I return home on July 26 if you are interested. See the link above for lots more information. Here is another close-up section of this canvas -click on it for more detail ~
The words you see printed on this canvas are lyrics from two different songs by a Scottish 'psychedelic' folk band that I listened to back in the 1970's called the Incredible String Band! I printed the lyrics out onto paper after finding them online and ripped the paper into usable shapes; then applied the words to the painted canvas with gel medium. I had almost forgotten about this very unusual and interesting band until I caught up with an old friend of mine via email recently and we were talking about music we listened to, back in the day! Here is a photo of the entire collage:

The small image of the woman is one of my favorites from the Over the Moon collage sheet by ARTchix Studio. After all the papers were glued down, I added gold Lumiere paint to the canvas with a sponge. I also sponged teal and violet dye-na-flow paint onto the papers once they were adhered; using the same colours as I used on the canvas for the background so they blended in. Small plastic stars were glued directly to the canvas with tacky glue to fit the theme : ^ )

If you click on any of the photos for a larger view, you should be able to see some of the rubber stamping I did -small stars, with a Brilliance ink pad in Galaxy Gold. To finish this collage, I edged it with a 14K gold marker, signed it, and then sent it off to my friend . . . who just wrote and said, "I love the painting you sent me". Awesome! That makes me happy. Wishing you happy summer days and warm starry nights ~ lenna young andrews ~ July 10, 2009